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What is Custom Granite in Ontario?

Custom granite in Ontario refers to granite that has been extracted from the Earth and then shaped into a custom shape. Granite has been one of the most highly sought after building materials throughout history and this continues today. What is it about granite that keeps it in such high demand? Granite is an especially durable natural rock that won’t break down over time. This means that anything built from granite will retain its appearance and structural strength longer than most other types of materials.
Granite is an igneous rock that is formed in the Earth’s crust as a result of intense heat and pressure. Impurities and other minerals are also formed in the granite creating unique textures and veins throughout. The beauty of granite is in its unique composition; no two pieces of granite are identical.  The natural beauty and elegance that granite can bring to a home continues to be unrivaled. The patterns and textures of granite allow different pieces to go together, forming an exquisite natural pattern that will enhance any room in the home.
The energy and equipment necessary to cut custom granite slabs or pieces, along with the high demand and limited supply, means that some rarer granites may be priced higher than other types of common building materials. Installing granite in any form should be viewed as an investment in the enjoyment and long term appreciation of the home.

Uses for Custom Granite

Granite demand has steadily increased in Toronto and in Ontario as new uses and designs for the home have been developed.  Custom granite work makes it possible to have granite cut into pieces that can be used for a number of different building applications. Homeowners have the freedom to add as much granite as they want to their homes. Today, granite is common for the following applications in the home:
  • Flooring (either tiles or slabs)
  • Countertops (kitchen and bathroom)
  • Backsplashes (usually in tile form in the kitchen or bathroom)
  • Wall tiling
  • Custom granite furniture
Natural stone such as granite is porous; it should be properly sealed in order to be used in any applications where water resistance is important. The sealants that are commonly used will also provide scratch resistance and a finished appearance that further adds to the beauty of the granite. The sealant also makes it incredibly easy to clean granite and increases its hygienic properties.

The Everlasting Elegance of Granite

Choosing a piece of custom granite for the home in Toronto, the GTA or anywhere in Ontario is a commitment due to the exceptional durability it offers. The elegance that granite brings to the home will last a very long time and never go out of style.
Granite is available in a wide selection of colors and textures that are sure to complement and enhance any existing décor. For a truly stunning look, exotic and rare types of granite can be used, such as Brazilian granite. Have a look at the different shades and variations available to select the perfect custom granite for use in the home.
Speak to a reputable custom granite distributor servicing Toronto, the GTA and Ontario to discover how granite can improve the look of your home.